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What is Included in a Car Service?

We all know our cars need servicing and good car owners will book their car in for a service regularly but what exactly is involved at the garage?

We’ve put together a quick list to show you what to expect from a car service and to show you just what the mechanic in your local garage gets up to! You can also see our other post on How to Lower the Cost of a Car Service for some economical tips that put you in control.

The Lights

All of the lights on the outside of your car will be checked to ensure they work properly and the bulbs have plenty of life in them. This also includes your brake lights, indicators and fog lights. 

The Brakes

Your brakes will be checked thoroughly this includes the level of brake fluid, the pipes that pump the brake fluid and the discs and pads. Your brake pads should have enough wear left on them to last until the next service, if they don’t you’ll either receive an advisory note, or they will be replaced.

The Fluids

All of your fluids will be checked and topped up if necessary from the brake fluid to the radiator fluid to the engine oil. You’ll even find the windscreen wash topped up! Other fluids include the coolant and the steering fluid for power steering vehicles. The car needs a lot of lubrication!

The Tyres

The tyres will be inspected for damage and for tred depth. This is the measurement 9in MM) of the grooves on the pattern of your tyre. If it’s too small, the tyre will need replacing as it poses a skid risk. The pressure will also be checked and adjusted to the same pressure as in your user manual too. Tyre pressure can make a big difference to the running of a car! We’ll show you how to do this yourself when you subscribe to our newsletter. 

The Wheels

Along with the tyres the wheels will be checked, along with all nuts and bolts, and bearings to ensure your optimum safety. If you have alloys these may also be checked for cracks (although that’s not always done in a service)

The Engine

Of course the engine is checked along with all components within it. This includes the radiator, the coolant, the transmission, the clutch, the fuel filters, the fan belt, the pipes, the plugs and the exhaust! What a list! It also includes checks of the mechanics too, such as the suspension, the ball joints, the shock absorbers and the drive shafts.

The Windscreen

The windscreen is checked thoroughly, along with the wipers and the windscreen wash (and the pipes that deliver it).

The Interior

Inside the car the seatbelts are checked, the warning lights, the electrics, interior lights, the car locks, the windows, and the handbrake.

The Battery

The motor and the battery will be tested along with all interior and exterior electrics.

On the Road

The car is then tested on the road, as there’s no better way to test a car than by actually measuring its performance! Don’t worry, the mechanic will not go far, you’ll probably still have the same amount of fuel as when you left it!

When Should I Have My Car Serviced?

Some car owners like to have seasonal services while others take their car in every 6000 miles.