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How to Entertain Yourself When Stuck in Traffic

Although the sun eventually shone for Glastonbury, for many it was a washout even before they arrived, as some spent over nine hours stuck in traffic, for what should have been a seven minute journey. It would have been quicker to walk!

We've shared tips on how to entertain children on a long journey but how do you entertain yourself when you're in the driving seat? Unless the traffic is at a permanent standstill you still need to keep your wits about you, as you have to manage the clutch and the gears whenever you get an opportunity to inch slowly forward.

That being said, nine hours is a long time, even for the most imaginative of minds so how do you entertain yourself?

Here are a few ideas. Remember, stay safe and use your common sense for these. For example, only partake in some if you know you'll be still for a while, and never put anyone in danger, especially yourself.

Become a Youtube Star

Have you ever fancied being a Youtube star? Do you know your videos would be much better received than Chewbacca Mom if only you had the chance? We love Chewbacca Mom! Now is your chance. You can practice your presentation skills using a hands free dashboard phone stand. You can create great videos with yourself as the star or pretend you're James Cordon interviewing your favourite actor. It will while away the hours as you're stuck in traffic but be sure to turn it off as soon as the traffic starts to move. You don't want to be a YouTube star for the wrong reasons.

Write a Book

Almost every person believes they can write a book if only they had the time. Now you do! With a little help from some dictation software and an iPad you could write an entire (albeit short) book while stuck in traffic. What are you waiting for? Now is your chance!

Listen to War and Peace

Are there any classical novels you wish you'd read but never had the time to? Do you have a pile of books next to your bed that never seems to diminish? Order these on audio or download them from iTunes and you can enhance your cultural knowledge while you're on the road, which leads us to...

Learn a New Language

Yes, you know how to do this one, we're sure you don't need instructions.

Answer Your Emails

Most smart phones have a setting in the accessibility section that allows you to listen to any webpage or email and use dictation to reply. Try it out before you set off and you could have quite the productive working day on the road.

With a little help from technology and a little imagination you can actually use the time spent in traffic to do things you've always wanted to. Of course, if you have children in the car a lot of this will be impossible, so check out our other blog on How to Entertain Children on a Long Journey for some family friendly tips.