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How to Add More Storage to Your Family Car

We’re often given tips on how to add more storage to our homes but not on how to add more storage to our cars. It’s not usually until we have a long journey with our children that we realise just how short of space we are! 

This nuisance is often conveniently forgotten as soon as we exit the car, until the next time. Adding more storage will not only make long car journeys with children less stressful (see our tips on How to Entertain Children on a Long Car Journey) it will also help with keeping the car neat and tidy inside.

Here are a few ways to add more storage to a car without breaking the bank.

Move the Seats

It may seem like a simple idea but many car owners don’t realise that the back seats in a lot of cars can actually shift forward. This, obviously, provides less legroom for those in the back seats, but if you have small children, rather than teenagers, it probably won’t make a difference. You’ll enjoy more space in the boot for shopping, suitcases and picking up EBay items!

A Place for Everything

A wise person once said that it’s easy to keep a space organised and tidy if you have a place for everything and everything is in its place. This is also true of car space!

Bespoke Beaker Holders

Consider cup holders for drinks and buy ones that actually fit the cups your family uses. There’s no point buying a one size fits all if you regular drink from slim water bottles, or a toddler drinks from a sippy cup, as they’ll just fall out and spill! There are some that adjust so add a snug fit, while others expand. Choose the ones right for your family’s drinking preferences!

Back of the Net

The front seats provide ample storage when you add storage to the back of them. There are fabric storage products that let you keep pens, magazines, books and children’s toys out of the foot well and within easy reach. These can be indispensible on a long car journey!

Mouldable Rubber

On the market now there is a mouldable rubber that bonds to any surface and sets just like rubber. It’s great for adding hooks or grips to a car and can be used to create bespoke storage that fits around you. If you need to sell the car it peels off easily. It’s also an incredible idea for customising the car’s steering wheel or gear stick or creating a stand for an iPad so the children can watch videos using a device you already have,

Under Seat Storage

Some cars actually have trays fitted under the front seats for storing books, manuals and magazines. If your car doesn’t have this, don’t forget about this extra space as it’s ideal for storing a multitude of children’s everyday items away!

Have you found any great storage solutions for your car that you’d love to share? If so we’d love to hear from you. Please comment on social media or in the comments below.

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