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A History of the Ford Service and Car Industry

There’s an iconic quote from Henry Ford that usually accompanies an image of a production line of the first Ford vehicles to be mass produced.

 “you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black” is the quote that took car manufacturing into the mainstream and set the precedence for car purchases in the future.

This was a quote that allowed people to envisage the American dream, where every household would own a car, something that seemed alien before this. Suddenly, it was a possibility, that the horse and carts would be no more and even the poorest could afford a car to get them from A to B. 

Imagine the world at this time and the eager anticipation felt by people the world over, as they realised the small world they accompanied was about to get a whole lot bigger.

With the new Ford Service, anyone could travel huge distances in days and hours, and whole new states could be explored. New weather systems, new landscapes, new people, new food, the possibilities seemed endless from this single movement.

From that quote, and Ford’s creation in 1903, the manufacturer has consistently produced affordable, reliable, models of vehicle that many respect as family cars. The ford name is not synonymous with luxury or sports (although it has had a few brushes with fame over the years and competed well in the Grand Prix and other Motor Sports) yet it’s a solid make that many people adore. 

From small nippy cars like the Ford Fiesta to hatchbacks like the ford Focus, the Ford service focus has always been on the average person, the genuine family, safety, reliability and sturdiness rather than the aesthetics.

Today Ford have an impressive range and like other manufacturers, such as Peugeot, Mini and Audi, they’ve held their own and need little explaining. The Ford Mustang is still the Ford’s best selling vehicle of all time in America, as it adds a touch of glamour to this popular make and has become iconic thanks to its clever placement in a range of Hollywood blockbusters.

This year it celebrates 50 whole years in production.

Choosing a Ford Fiesta, Taurus, Escort, Explorer or other shows a lot about the driver. A Ford owner appreciates the high level of Ford service received and places a high emphasis on quality. Ford owners are seen as practical, dependable, reliable and down to earth, which is synonymous with the founder, Henry Ford, who founded this make.

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