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A Fascinating Trip Through Audi Service History


Audi are a name synonymous with success, understated style, quality and respect. Although Audi don’t cause the same waves as the Ferraris or Astin Martins of this world, they are still a showstopper and will still turn heads at the traffic lights.

How has Audi earned this incredible reputation over the years? Where did they start and where will they be going in this new technological age where you can book an Audi service online or find the best Audi service quotes? Are they embracing technology, do they have plans for an electric version and where do they see their Audi services in ten years time? We dug a little deeper to bring you all the facts about Audi services and cars you need to know. It’s actually fascinating stuff!


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Just hours ago, Top Gear released news that Audi were on the brink of tech revolution. This news referred to the breath-taking six Audi models that plan to be released over the next 12 months.

We asked about upcoming technology? We needn’t have worried as these are just some of the features Audi has planned for the A8 next year- 

  • Driverless technology- parallel parking by remote control
  • Autopilot up to 60km/hr
  • App integration – your smartphone will be that remote control, park the car while you put the kettle on
  • Touchscreen displays
  • Minimalist dashboards
  • An electric SUV with a 300 mile range (bye bye Tesla!)


If that’s not enough, they’ve even integrated technology that enables the vehicles to be modified should autopilot speed restrictions be lifted in the future. Of course, Audi’s logo should have told us as much. In German it reads, Vorsprung durch Technik, in English – Advancement through Technology. Audi really do have their sights set on the future but where did life start?


Here are some fun historical facts about the Audi and Audi Service industry.


  1. The Audi founder was one, August Horch. Audi means Horch in German. That’s where it all began.


  1. Audi conducted a crash test in 1938. They wanted to see the impact on their own vehicles. Little did the company know, that this crash test would become the standard thanks to their innovation!


  1. The four rings, invented in 1932, represent four companies. DKW, Wanderer, Horch and Audi. These all form the Quattro auto union called Chemnitz.


  1. Audi were the first ever car company to combine incredible horsepower (a 6 cylinder engine) with front wheel drive.


  1. Audi have endured many struggles to become the leader they are today in both Audi industry and Audi service. In fact, during WW2 they lost everything, and had to regroup and refinance from scratch.


Since then they have been a consistent measure of technology advancement in the car industry and one to watch. They’ve avoided scandal and kept a close eye on the future while delivering high quality cars to discerning drivers.


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